In therapy today I talked shortly about my dependency on xanax. I think that she took it as a message that I was trying to tell her I am addicted to xanax, which are two totally different things. Before I left the room I cleared it up with her and I hope she understands. Next week I am going to clear it up again. Like my mom said, I need them or else they would not be giving them to me. That is perfectly logical. I really enjoy my therapist and I hope she doesn't drop me. I know that even though doctor Power is leaving once she is done with her residence she is going to work for the VA hospital. So from then on I will not be seeing her again. It's going to be sad to let her go but that' her choice and I know that she's helped me so much in the past couple years. However, I am not going to obsess about this xanax thing because there is no reason she has no signed document to talk to my psych and I don't think that they are going to talk anyway, they never have and I hope they never will.  I am just rambling at this point and I need to watch a movie.  Goodnight moon.