I love the journal online. I love the fact that others can pose some suggestions for me. But, lately I have been considering moving to a paper journal. Something more structured and that I can take with me where I go. I guess we'll see what happens. I am not too eager about my job. I am hoping that it gets better. I feel that the training was not sufficient and thus plays a role in the way I sell. I do like the people and I love the atmosphere and clothing, but will I be able to sell the merchandise? I definitely will. I am the best at everything I do and I know I can go in there and kick ass. to think that this journal may be saving me day by day. Although I am having more frequent panic attacks and I keep them to myself, as in... in the shower and in my room, oddly enough I have had panic attacks in the car while driving. The depression remains only to make things worse at home and at work.  I still simply don't know what think about this job. I am currently looking for more jobs that may replace this one. However, I would like to be established with a company for a while and this may be a good one. I am just trying to bust out some words while I am able to, I will write again soon.