I never had the meeting with my councilor and his boss and my new councilor. Chad went to his boss and told him that I should stay in the group and that the only reason that I am leaving is because I am weak. I need more tough love. I am too tired at this point to keep frighting him; I am just going to stick it out. He gave me the day off tomorrow so that I could go to some random place in Colorado and just explore and be there. I took a pen and closed my eyes and it pointed to Breckenridge. So no I am somewhat excited to go to the ski town!I am nervous about going because I always blackout on long drives and wake up going huge speeds and then I try to attempt suicide.  It is only about an hour and forty-five minuets there so it's not too bed. We'll see how that goes and then I may just stop down to the casinos on my way home!