3 interviews and not one bite. You would think I would get one bite.

I had three interviews.  You would think I would get one bite but no such like. 
1.  Vancouver Premier College:  they need you to speak more than English like Mandarin or Cantonese
2.  Genesis Fertility Clinic:  you needed a bit of medical to do triage when you answer the phone
3.  Global Views:  I thought the interview went well and this was the one that I wanted.  I don't know what happened.  Maybe I was too old, who knows.
My brother challenged me to get 20 resumes out per day so this is what I am working on.  Some days are more of a challenge than other days.
Thank you for all your positive comments.  I appreciate it.  I hope we all get jobs.
From Diane



Just keep trying, that\'s all you can do. With the economy what it is today, it\'s a lot harder. Plus this time of year all the kids are graduating from college, so there is even that many more looking for jobs. You have such great drive and wonderful outlook, I\'m sure something will come your way. Hugs..

Keep on the trail. I am still looking for full-time with benefits. Not having health insurance is scary. I am saddened by all the rejections, but as a friend who is looking told me, the right job is just waiting for me. Sad thing is even McDonalds is not hiring.