Doing ok. I guess. Up and down. Sleeping a lot. Mostly down. Taking my meds and going to therapy, but...
Went yesterday and picked up Sasha, the cat I adopted. She's pretty upset about all the changes in her life the last few weeks, so she's hiding. She does come out to eat, etc...but then goes back upstairs to hide under the bed. I'm not rushing her. Just checking on her now and then to make sure she is ok. She will come out when she is ready.
I still miss Ginger. Still cry about it some. I still look around for her before remembering she's not here anymore.
Think there's a good chance my contract may not be renewed at work this year. Have no idea what I will do if it isn't. Nothing I can do about it right now. I can't even think about it right now.
Went shopping last week and bought a dress to wear to my brother's wedding. It's really great.
Still tired all the time. All I want to do is sleep. Moods are still so unpredictable.
And I'm still pissed off at the Dr's office people. People make mistakes. I get that. But if I was standing right there and told you specifically to NOT use/give out my cell number as the contact number, wth would you give it out and keep using it? The next time I'm over there I am going to tell them to cross out that number wherever they have it. As for the Dr., she KNOWS I work. So why would she want me to go to an outpatient group thing that is 5 days a week, ALL day? I can't even do that on day a week. NUTS.
Just tired and frustrated. Going to Bossier tomorrow with friends to see this Royal Horse Gala thing. Not really wanting to go, but paid my money and I'm pretty sure they expect me to back out...which means I have to go-if that makes sense.
I just want to sleep around the clock...