The past couple of weeks have been good. I had my surgery almost two weeks ago, it’s been hard, which I knew it would be. I’m on a liquid diet for a while but I’m happy I did the surgery. I’m losing weight fast, I’ve already lost 22 lb so I’m excited and it keeps me motivated and not so bummed about the diet. 
I also got accepted to the university I’ve been trying to get into for about two years. My parents were so happy when I told them, my dad even asked for a hug, which isn’t his thing (he’s more of a I love you I just don’t show it kind of dad), usually we just hug him and don’t give him a choice :P I don’t know whether they were glad all the stress was finally over or they were actually proud of me, but either way it was really nice to see them happy because of something I accomplished for a change. I know this won’t last long, nothing good ever does, so for now I’m just going to try and enjoy it for as long as possible and simply be thankful. 



You are on to a great start! Keep up your positive thoughts and and believe in can do it! Your transformation is just beginning. A year from now, you will be a whole new person. Take care. :)