Reasons I want to gamble:
1. My BFF of 37 years is battling lung cancer and isnt doi g good at all. She has always been my go to person with everything. Now shes barely there.
2. My step son is in end stage colon cancer at 37 years old.
3. My EVIL ex hasn't let me see my son, who is 31 and mentally challenged. I have faithfully gone to get him every 2 weeks for years. Now the ex hasn't let me see him for a month over a stupid tv set.
4. My Aunt just died.
5. I am having withdrawls so bad right now. I also just want to run away to the casino and forget it all for awhile.
Reasons to not gamble:
1. All of the listed above will still be there if i do gamble only i would be broke too.
This addiction SUCKS!