So, life has been crazy for the past few days.
I finally snagged a job, just part time, but money anyways.  I had three training shifts and then yesterday was my first day on my own.  It was a bit frazzling.  It's just a gas station, and you think it would be super easy as I it's self serve!  But this place keeps close tabs on it's smokes.  If you sell a pack you have to mark it down immediatley.  I don't smoke, so smokes are foriegn to me and it takes me forever to find them behind the closed doors and then I have to scramble to find them on the smoke list to mark them off, all the while keeping in mind that I have a line up of people waiting on me.  I don't know if it's the right job for me, but since it pays(only about 500 a month though) it is the right job for me right now.
Just in time too since Joey get's laid off.  Tomorrow is his last day. 
And poor Marlow has to suffer.  I work 2pm until 6pm.  And Marlow usually naps 1pm until 3pm.  But now since she goes to a babysitters she has to either nap at noon til 1pm, or stay up until 4pm!  My sil is watching her and she doesn't like to let her nap, so it's the earlier nap, and that means she is super cranky come 6pm.  But at least Joey is off for three weeks so that he can make sure she naps at just after 2pm.
And Christmas, ugh.  It's way too expensive!  We aren't even done shopping yet, and I sure as hell haven't started wrapping!  We have the in laws to buy for, and they have everything under the sun, then my one sil, and she is hard to buy for.  Plus, my family does a secret santa with the adults so that you only have to buy one gift instead of twenty.  And we both have to buy for our secret santa's yet! 
Plus, when we decided I would get a job I told Joey that he would have to pick up more chores.  Help out, he said no problem.  Well, the house is disgusting.  He hasn't swept, he hasn't mopped, he hasn't tried to do any laundry, he won't load the dishwasher, he dumps it in the sink and on the counter until I get home.  He won't clean up after Marlow, he leaves that for me too.  He also doesn't cook for her!  She eats at 5pm, and he will give her a snack and then wait for me to get home to cook for them.  It's a piss off.  Sure, it's only 4 hour shifts, but I'm tired.  Why should I have to work, run the home, and still be the sole parent?  The other day he took her out for supper since he didn't want to cook and then he came and got me from work.  He had fed her a few fries and some grilled cheese, then ice cream.  And he didn't bother to wipe her up.  She had ketchup all over her face, ice cream in her hair and all down the front of her shirt.  And he didn't get why I was upset.
I thought getting a job would help, and financially it will, but in every other aspect I think it's going to hurt. 
Plus, I miss Marlow when I'm working!