Here, at this point, are qualities I'm looking for in a girl: Someone who wishes no harm to any other person.Someone who is grounded in a devotion to God (but who lives "secularly" on a day-to-day basis).Someone fundamentally kind.  Someone fundamentally optimistic.Someone with a deep and open mind.Someone with great patience.Someone who strives to live by her values.Someone who still holds to the mystery of sex.Someone with whom I can connect without words. ----I'm 30. I've waited for a long time. Moses and the Israelites wandered through the dessert for 40 years. My life isn't over yet (God willing). I've been blessed with such richness so far.Maybe I will find someone for me.If I don't... could I be celibate the rest of my life? That seems to be the way to really remain true to my values. Emotionally, it is not right to throw away my first real sexual experience to a stranger and/or someone for whom I don't have feelings of love. Could I let go of the desire if I had no partner?Monks abstains. Priests abstain. Nuns abstain. Could I? But then... I would miss out on a significant part of life. What I thought would be a part of my life some day.