Just a general update.  I'll try to keep this brief.  We are on a new medication mixture that seems to be pretty good (at least from my perspective).  Into week 2 now and no signs of depression, anger or manic.  K is still not sleeping very well at night.  Not sure which med is responsible for that, but at least the new anti-anxiety is not making him drosy during the day.  We have been able to spend some good quality time together.  It is nice to have my husband back.  Still now willing to declare victory, but I'm glad this has at least gone for more than 1 wk.  K had entered a research study and will eligible for a 2nd once his meds are stable for more than a month.  He suffered a concusion in August that is still causing him problems, we think.  I'm hoping the MRI will not only help out the study, but tell us if he has any bruising on his brain or if we need to look elsewhere to explain the headaches and metallic taste he is experiencing (we have ruled out medication changes as a cause).  Overall, I'm pretty optimistic.