I started new medication the other day. It's for anxiety, depression and OCD. I hope it helps because lately life has been too overwhelming. I ended up quiting that babysitting job of mine and am just going to focus on one. I told Dave if he has a problem with it that's too bad because it's too much for me. He seemed ok with that, but I know he's kind of pissed. Oh well. I know things are hectic right now.
A friend of mine came into the restaurant while I was worknig and aparently slapped her child REALLY hard on her upper arm and made her scream! My boss came up to me and said " Is that your sister who just smacked her kid really hard? That was unbelievable!!!" I didn't see it but I just told her it was a friend and that I can't believe she did it. I'm going to mention it to her. Tell her maybe just relax... I dont know how to approach it. She's trying for another baby too! If you get out of control with one child you are crazy to try for another one!!!
I went to a bbq last night with some people we know and it was hilarious. This one "upper class" lady was talking about how her child is "soooo advanced for his age" and that he's the smartest kid. I swear every conversation was like "Oh, yeah my girlfriends and I are reading this book in our book club....." and " Oh, our book club was totally shocked the other day when...." it was so annoying, yet hilarious at the same time. There's nothing wrong with a book club, it was jsut funny to hear someone tlak like that all night.
Anyways, I'm going to eat some "Din Din" as Gabby would call it, then were going to the beach for some much needed family time to talk.



I hope your new medications helps you and I\'m glad to hear that you quit that job to focus on you. Sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction.

I can\'t go out to eat with my sister-in-law anymore because she pinches her kids REALLY hard (hard enough to leave bruises) on their sides if they misbehave. It\'s so embarrassing. So I know how you feel there!