Big news! My boss got canned yesterday....nobody told us. we just showed up nd a new manager was there working already! I was really excited at first, but i realized this is going to be a living hell! The new managers are kind of pricks, and they ask me a ton of questions that i dont know the answers"" why did the tills come up short yesterday?" the hell am is upposed to know. They also warned me that the cops are watching on hidden cameras and are watching people steal! WTF! that cant be true!!!! anyways.... they are stressing me out majorly, and are putting added pressure on me! leave me the hell alone! i was suppposed to stay there another 6 weeks or so, but i dont think i can! how the hell am i supposed to focus on my baby when i've got these asses given me grief! So i may cut it down to 4 more weeks of work, and that's it! i cant take it! my hubby is sooo mad that they're being like this towards me! But i have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i'm going to ask him what he suggests. should i tough it out ofr another 6 weeks or leave earlier???? I'm 30 weeks today, so that would mean only 34 weeks prego when i go on my that right?