29 weeks today! Gettig more and more excited...her movements are getting more defined....i cant feel her little feet on one side of my body, and her bulging head on the other side! lol...i love it! My appetite has soared!!! All i can think about is food...especially chocolate cake and brownies and ice cream! lol! i have actually been waking up early just because i'm starving!!!! But i've been eating extra healthy this past month for the best development. My feet and ankles have ballooned up as well! i look like i have waterskis as feet! they can get really super painful too! But i only have 7 weeks of work left...thank god!!! I gotta go eat some lunch and wait for my man to call.....i have to beg him to bring me home a coke slurpee! my biggest craving....he wont let me have one though.... ice cram is ok sometimes, but anything with sugar and caffine is a big NO! lol...anyways, i hope you all are doing well! take care!!!!