Just got back from vancouver,and the baby is healthy!!!! we're having a baby GIRL!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! I've got tons of photos of her already. I'm going to post some of the better ones on my profile for you all to see....some of them are blurry though cause she's still small. Anyways, the man who did the tests for us at the hospital was really nice. he gave us about 13 pics to take home of her...we hid them in my purse though, because he said he will get in trouble if anyone at the hospital saw that he gave us all those pics for free.  We got all of the results back from the same doctor that told us the bad news about our son last time. It was very emotional for me to go through....the first night i got only a couple hours of sleep because i was bawling my eyes out. I felt so out of place there....plus we had to walk past the same room that our son died in at the ospital, so seeing that got me really upset. I've had a couple of breakdowns, but hopefully it will all be better in a few days...just old toughts got remembered.Also that doc said that there was even more wrong with our son. the autopsy revealed that our baby boys' heart was mostly scar tissue, and not muscle...which meant that he somehow got a virus when i was pregnant with him, maybe around 2 mos. after conception. so that got me really upset hearing that because it meant that somehow this virus passed through me to afffect him! that makes me feel like shit. The doc said he doesnt know what virus it could have been, but it has different "symptoms" than all known viruses....so technically it could be an unknown virus! which scares the hell out of me!!! all i'm sure of is that i miss my little boy and cant wait to see him again in heaven.....As for the little girlie, i am really excited to decorate her little nursery and buy her all the pink things she wants! I'm really excited, but i'm going to wait to get her nursery set up until a little later on, just because i'm still a little bit paranoid.Anyways, i'm going to go, we're going to show off pics of our daughter to dave's mommy!!!