The gas prices are to blame for budget cuts. I expected a lay-off this summer and had planned. But, we lost our jobs Monday. I just sighed. There are things to apply for and maybe unemployment. Hope to have a little time off. I had worked OT and planned. Plus need to move and this will help. We are waiting a few more weeks to look at the mass on my partner's chest again. It is near the heart and in a wierd spot to poke around with. At least it gives her some freedom from sugery so she can enjoy some of her activities. I am hauling a "lot" of items to auction and flea market this weekend. The weather is going to be nice after a few days of rain. And mother's day hoping to share items with collectors and make a few fair pennies for the gas tank.  I have not mentioned my health and have to remark that changing my eating habits are the key to my success. I am losing weight and keeping my IBS, blood sugar, and BP is check. I am so lucky. One year ago, I could not leave the house from all the illness.Thank you to so many who encouraged me during this time. I also appreciate the various input from others. It is also important to say that managing stress through this site really worked.  Now, about that exercise. I admit, it is very lame. This is my big challenge. I know it will change for me as the other old habits have. I just do not seem to commit to when. Perhaps having more time and feeling enegy (since I will not be working) can help me focus this goal. It is important and I am trying a few days a week (walking). Please stay in touch DS pals. Cheers