Wish I could change my face and self right now.....weird, I used to feel quite pretty...these days I think I look really tired....really tired....and I've had enough sleep.
I need to get back to 'the 7 pillars of self esteem' but my therapist wants me to go back to 'little gobetween' to learn to 'feel' .
hmmm.....a work in process
so many places to work on.
But feeling okay today....nothing bad...everything ok....not used to that feeling.
Healthy eating going well....no glasses of wine....no junk....just fresh fruit and veg..salads, salads...went to find out about exercise classes and got a warm friendly reception...it was cheap too...but was the worse part of town.
Trying to remember that things 'can' change and do.....some just happen...others you have to make happen.............



I\'m glad you are feeling OK. That\'s so good about the healthy eating and classes too. Yes about change, change is inevitable. I\'ve had good changes too over the past few years, and I need to remember those,and enjoy the fact that I can anticipate more! More lovely grandchildren would suit me fine! Lots of love to you gobetween. You are a good soul and you deserve the good changes xx

Yup, feeling is hard sometimes isn\'t it? Sometimes I have such a hard time \'feeling\', like I have frozen. Other times I wonder what I\'m supposed to feel. Usually I do feel things, just aren\'t always able to show it or \'feel\' it if that makes sense.. Isn\'t it weird feeling the OK feelings. so not used to it but I sure like feeling that way. Hope you have more days like that.

ah yes, there is nothing permanent except change. Sigh. Do what we can, and accept what we can\'t.