I'm supposed to be leaving for Savannah on Sunday(that's today). but I can't get in touch with my sister to come up with a time to meet in Macon. Macon's about halfway between Cartersville and Savannah and she's willing to meet me there so I don't have to drive that lonely stretch of highway 16 by myself. So, I don't know when I'll be leaving. I know I made it back from Savannah by myself after Thanksgiving, but I'm still kind of anxious about going back. I had a panic attack yesterday after I'd gone to my doctors appointment in Rome. I took a wrong turn and had a panic attack. Then I had to go to the DDA to renew my drivers license. The lady that was going to take my picture got frustrated, I think because I didn't hear her the first time when she told me to step on to the blue line, so when I finally did she just snapped my picture. For everyone else she'd say "Are you ready?" ,so they could at least smile. My picture looks like crud! And as I was leaving I was backing out of my parking space and a lady behind me was backing up too. She didn't see me and I didn't see her. She started cursing and making all these angry movements with her hands, flayling her arms around. I just ignored it and pulled back in and let her go on. Naturally she was going the same way as me.( When we finally got to Cassville road she turned right and me left and I think I saw a middle finger go up from the window. I began to think what a bad day it had been. "I took a wrong turn, I had a panic attack, the lady at the DDA was rude, the lady in that car was rude", but I got to thinking maybe instead of looking at is as a failure, look at it and realize that everyone has days like that. Everyone, say a prayer for me about my drive to Savannah. Merry Christmas DS!