It has been a long 3 days. My sister came from Savannah on Wednesday and left today. I really enjoyed spending time with her. I get so lonely. It was nice to go out to dinner. We went to Target and did some shopping, which was fun. I usually won't go into a big store by myself. But, it was nice to have her here and be able to go into a big store. Wal-Mart is a biggie for me. I don't like to go in there, even if I've got someone with me. The main reason for her visit was to get my dads house cleaned up and ready to rent. We worked and got it clean. She did most of the work. I'm glad that the house isn't sitting there vacant. Actually, it's the people next door who are renting it. They are so excited! It's is kind of sad, though, to see my dads house so empty and then someone else moving in. There was a dried rose in a vase from my fathers funeral. Before me and my sister left to go back to my house, she took it and said "I'm going to put this somewhere where they won't look. That way dad will always be in the house, in a sense. I know he's with Jesus, but it was more sentimental than anything. She put it in a high shelf above the refridgerator. I am so tired now. I have slept all day. I did some work, but I still shouldn't be so tired. Sometimes I think I must just be lazy! I am feeling pretty good, though, which is nice for a change.