ugh.  I went to an Aikido class for the first time since October and felt so bloated and out of shape.  How is it that I can kick ass at Karate and even do well on the cardio machines at the gym but get winded after a few rounds with a randuri (mock fight)?My emotions have been all over the place the last few days and I am so frustrated by this weight gain that I think has something to do with Seroquel.  I did see my pyschiatrist tonight and she was sympathetic to my weight whining.  We even had a few laughs about it and I am going to get off Seroquel altogether.I set this weight-loss goal for myself at the beginning of the year and the scale hasn't BUDGED!  I have been watching The Biggest Loser for motivation and tips and have begun to make changes, but to no avail.  I wish I could take this weight I gained and give it to my cat, Hoagie.  I wish I could also give him my good health.  I'm still waiting to hear from my vet about what's wrong with him.I am tired and am glad I decided to take tomorrow off from work.  I hope I wake up with Hoagie sleeping on my feet like he likes to do!