I dint' have a good night last night, My father woke up at 4am and woke everyone up. Up and down for about an hour, then maybe another hour sleep before we were all up again for the day. Plus he is starting a new medication that makes him much more disagreeable. It is supposed to make him a little more clear headed but I think it makes him just clear headed enough to be frustrated and angry at not being able to remember anything. So he gets upset and snippy at almost anything. I used to be able to ignore him at times but now he realizes he is being ignored and gets angry and either whiny or bossy, both of which is really annoying.
So I get my day off today but around 1:15 pm my brother calls and says he has to do something for a Friend and can I come and watch them for a while. I don't know if I was just tired, gullible, stupid or being nice for its own sake but I say sure. He asks if I can be there by 1:45 and I say it shouldn't be a problem.I figured he was going to help a feind with their car or something since he does this kind of thing ever so often. He is a shade tree mechanic and will go help freinds when they break down and the like.
I arrive at about 1:35 and he is gone. He calls about a half hour later and says he is just checking to see if I had got there. Please, like I'm the one who is irresponsible or ever late?
So, three and a half hours later he returns. I off handed asked what took so long and he said that the game had run a little longer than he had thought. Turns out he had been invited to a playoff game party at his friend's house.
I dont usually cuss but I left fuming, though not in front of him, and used some very ignorant sounding and strong language on the way home. I so don't like my brother anymore and yet I keep forgetting that I don't like him and get used like this.
I need to be stronger and remember that he is an arragant bastard and stop being a nice guy.



Oh wow this sounds complicated, you are helping, being available, and yet it is hard to deal with your dad, and your brother. You somehow need time for you to de-compress, to not feel all agitated, that others are affecting you. You ARE a nice guy, it seems that it is hard to be nice, yet be YOU. I would say don\'t stop being nice, maybe find a way to stay being you, and be able to navigate around this situation.