At this point i do not even know what to write about.  Confusion, anger, fear, resentment, all start to over come my brain.  Dr. Tom told me when i am angry, use the acronym ANGRY. so here i go,
Admit it: i am upset because my wife left me and i am alone.
say NO to immediate action:  i am not yelling and screaming like i want to.  I want to explode.  i am writing this all down.
Get information: What? Why?  I know why my wife left me and how i caused her pain with my PTSD.  i was not a very good husband.  I was never home, so i could help around house, with the kids, and with the wife.
Review my options: what are my options.  I know she has not filed for divorce yet.  i am not sure when she is, and she says she isnt sure when she is either.  i pray very frequently.  I try to talk withher, but she just doesnt want to talk. I could be patient.
say Yes to the constructive action:  I know i need to learn patience.  If this was meant to be, then god will help out.  I am getting the help that i need.  I will change as much as i can to be patient as possible.  Just breathe.