Sorry I've been away going threw PC H*** 
     PC is going to the shop tomorrow , yeah!!!!! it is only a couple of months old and it has had one thing after another go wrong with it. They are not making money off of it so it is a lemon. I am hoping they give me a new one, I know one thing I am not getting another one from there. It seems like I use the pc more now for watching tv show and coming to this site, I depend on it I write everything on it and print out stuff.
     I am over my cold and Bruce is over his flu. My bladder infection is gone, the infection is almost gone at the site of my super pubic catheter, my white cell count is 6.something so it is going down. Things are starting to happen, I get my cath tubes changed Thurs. On Nov 11 they do echo cardiogram in prep for the chemo and nov 29  get the next dose of chemo. I am not so scared about this dose
     I am settling down here at St. Mary's. Making new friends and getting involved in groups and activities. No longer wake up scared not knowing where I am. I can sleep with the light off now. It is hard waking up in a strang place not knowing where you are, you hear different noises and know that you are not at home. I no longer wake up when they open my door to check on me.
     I'm not sleeping well, this past couple of weeks. I'm in soooooo much pain, the doc has increased my pain med's and it has helped some. But still not sleeping, took sleeping pill two nights ago. I did not fall asleep any sooner but the next day was so tired slept most of the afternoon, and last night was up longer then ever, so no more afternoon naps or sleeping pills.
     The weather has changed we are now getting normal fall weather. The first part of september was like summer never left, warm sunny days. They took out the air conditioners but I got sooo hot the nurses ask maitence to put it back in my room. Today it is cool outside and they have the heat too high and I got too hot again but this time it snuck up on me. My vision got bad everything was blurry, my thinking was confused, and I was laughing at everything including spilling my drink on myself, the only way I can describe it is to be drunk very drunk. I do not know how it snuck up on me, I did not feel myself warming up.
     Had another great visit with the Hubby. We played games, talked and then went to a coffee shop.  My wheelchair goes into the shop tomorrow, they are changing the foot pads, they are also putting gel pads on the foot boards, and putting a roho roll under my knees making the seat longer. They are also cutting my right arm rest to make it shorter so the controller will be closer to me so I will not have to stretch my arm to reach it. I am also hoping that they will put on the tie downs so I can take the access bus again. If so I will be going home every sat, to spend the afternoon with Hubby and my dog,
     They are slowly customizing my wheelchair to make sitting less painful. It has been hard this past year because my body has been changing so quickly. Soon as they get one thing done they need to change it to something else. So heres hoping the changes help me and do not need to change anytime soon.



Glad you\'re feeling better and adjusting. It\'s nice that you will be able to get out on Saturdays and spend some time in your own home with Hubby and your furry child. Hopefully the adjustments to your chair will make it comfy so you can roll easily. It sounds like everything is coming together. Gentle hugs. Linda

hey girl god is listening to you and he will make it happen .the things with infection is it make symptoms worse once the infection is gone we get back to normal im glad you can go home on sat to spend time with the hubby and dog that is great news /im lost with what is a pc are you talking about a computer/ the weather here is a little chilly they say its going to rain all week well i guess is tv /movie watching tell hubby i said hi and oreo my dog says woof woof toyour be good stay strong love ya april

sounds like you are slowly finding your groove, I like how you focus on the positives. keep up the good work and wishing you more and more good things keep coming your way!

I would go nuts if my computer had to be separated from me while in for repair, and it sounds like you have really had to have it in the shop several times. What dang store sold you a lemon? I would try to get another one, but your probably right, they won\'t do that. Sorry you are going through so much with this - my pc is my lifeline.

I\'m glad your health in returning from the cold, and you are not as afraid of your upcoming chemo treatment. Sorry you are suffering so much with pain. I take Opana 40mg 2x day and supplement my Opana ER with Opana IR (5 mg. small dose) 3x day. I tried another pain med, Elgo or something like that, and I was in agony the whole month. I couldn\'t wait to get back to my PMD to get back on my usual (Opana) pain meds. I understand your suffering, and I hope you get it worked out soon.

We know what heat does to our body, and it sure did a number on you! Spilling your drink and feeling punch-drunk and laughing at everything? Wow, the heat really affects you. Maybe you want them to keep that ac unit plugged in all winter!

What a nice visit with the hubby. I wish my husband would play games with me, or do something as equally engaging! We talk, and enjoy each other\'s company, but we don\'t do anything together like playing games with each other. I think that is very romantic! Glad you and Bruce had a nice time together.

Wow, I had no idea fitting a wc to someone was such a gruelling experience. I hope they adjust everything just right for you, and then you can enjoy those Saturday\'s with the family. I bet your dog will be so excited to see you!

As qazo says, it does sound like you are finding your groove. That\'s great. Warm regards to you and Bruce. Lynne