Ok so this coaster ride is still going. But I seem to get off it more often now. We can talk civil but i've learned, via my counselor, to not believe a lot of what he says. He can and always has been a charmer. Mainly because he believes his own words. Not me though. I pick up on all the little in-discrepancies he says and actually come away laughing. Who does he think he is fooling? Right now I kill him with kindness because it confuses him. Kinda loving it.
My son left in the wee hours to go to virginia to pick up a car with a friend. They are into the whole drifting thing. Like the movie Fast n Furious> and he is really good at it. He bought his own car-a 2005 nissan 350z he loves. He pays all his own bills so it's making him a better man. Again, I am so so proud of both my sons. The oldest is out in our garage cleaning (I think) so he's here and I like that too. He still stores his stuff in our garage cause he doesnt have one at his place. I don't care. It's a 3-car and as long as I have my space and the other son has his who does it hurt. Plus it's a place for him to come and work on his things. He's here. That's all I care about.
They get their own life and soon mom isn't visited often. He is taking me to Florida with him and his gf in December. I can't wait. I have never flown before. We r planning on Thursday departure and monday return. Both of them have jobs so they can't take any more time off.
In all honestly I think that is long enough! There is drama in Florida!! We will be staying with my step-daughters. I miss seeing them. I have good relations with 4 out of 5. If the 5th chooses to ignore me so be it. She is all Daddy. No matter what. But I won't let her dog me while there. I will face her and tell her the facts. She can choose who to believe. Just not spending the whole time defending myself. I don't want to even talk bout him. This is a time for me to be happy and enjoy the grandkids I never see. I will prevail! Just wait and see.