another day. little worn down today. just tired. think all the stress of the last few weeks is just hitting me. I leave tomorrow for out of town job. keeps me busy and my minded occupied so i have not time to think of my problems. this is hard, but as i told my mma tody, i need to do all this for me. I dont know what my future holds. I guess whatever god deems is right for me. I will accept what the good lord gives me and be thankful. I trust him.
my son has a new girlfriend. I am so happy for him. from what i hear she is a good girl. seems to be very nice. he is a little fickle who he dates. hes had bad experience with love. dated girl for 3 years to have her dump him over the phone. hasnt really had serious date since then, bout 3 years. but he likes this one. I hope it works for him. I always want my sons to be happy. If they see me happy then are too. So I am happy (most of the time)