2011 onward to 2012

Some one said "our scars are like badges of courage of what we've been chosen to endure".  Let's clalk the past up to over and focus on moving forward in the new year.  The best thing you can do to help yourself seems to be documentaton; doctors, lawyers, employers and disability/family proof is to keep a Journal.  Why not do it here?  In My Journal!
2012 Journal  -  Stopped working...Doxycycline after 5 months of 200 mg a day.
1-1 Daily Meds - HRT, LD Asprin, Xanax RT 2.0 (Stressed from traveling/vacation IL - Meclizine 25 mg. every four hours while riding)  Two inch leision under right breast. Red streaks six or seven inches toward the underarm.  There was unbearable pain with no relief until it grew through the day and the preasure of wearing a bra caused it open and drain.  Mostly pus mixed with blood.  Covered with gauze.  Right side of liabia (two weeks) leision is healing and smaller but never opened and drained.  Slight itching leftover from yeast infection from past months of antibiotics. Monistat and Deflucin for the past five months helps for a little while.
1-2 Home resting with no binding clothes:) My breast leision drained amazing amounts but feel much better from the relief of pressure.  The skin there is still very red, raw and open.  Woke up this morning with a pebble size new one on the left side of my groin and then a few smaller ones around that one.  Starting to feel really flu like.  Yankee cooties from traveling, I hope.
1-3 Home again, yes! That means never getting dressed and not moving very much.  The less movement the better.  Recovered the house from the trip, vacation and almost Christmas.  Breast is less inflamed and I'm able to bend over without screaming from the pressure.   My groin is beginning to become the next to watch.  Sinus issues are not just allergies like I'd hoped.  Oh no, not a cold.  That is gonna make my body eat its self.  Please let my body somehow find the strenght to fight this one off.  I've been reading HS info and others stories and am still very thankful I'm blessed beyone others.  I am prayerful for all those that need the power of the Lord to shine on them for the hope we all need.