20-year Reunion

Coming up this weekend, the big 20 year reunion.  Even though there is that small part of me that wishes I had the funds beforehand for a bit of nip & tuck, I will just be glad if I can afford a new frock or two for the event.  My school couldn't just do a small night, nope, a Friday night mixer, Saturday family picnic and big bang at a local club on the strip for Saturday night! 
I'm actually looking forward to attending all three.  I figure those who don't want to pay will attend the picnic, even if it is 100 degrees.  Those that don't wish to do a club will attend the Friday night restaurant mixer and the partiers will attend Saturday at the club.  If I do all three, maybe I won't miss anyone that I really would like to see again!!
I know that at least two childhood friends that remain my friends, even though over space and time, will be there.  I talked to one for the first time in quite some time the other day...we talked an hour without trying!  I am glad that I will be going to this reunion in a relatively good space, knowing a lot more about who I am. 
I'm going to try to leave any expectations at the door, but also do hope that I can make some connections from those still in this area that might help with my business ventures (even if it's just a "I know her" type thing) and maybe just reconnect with someone that can be fun to ease my transition back in a social sphere.  Either way, I plan on having a good time and enjoying it a heck of a lot more than I actually did high school!!!