2 Jobs!!

I've been lookng for work since October, and it's been a really hard holiday season with so little money. Today I had an interview at a really pretty, all home-made restaurant and was offered a job. I also had an interview this evening at a really busy, closer to home place in town and offered a job. I was offered two jobs today!! Weird, huh? It's like dating two men, one you can see making a good dad, the other having more sex appeal... who do you choose?
I have to decide by tomorrow eve as orientation for the one is at 8pm. I wish this were also happening with men, though in those stories when you play you get burned and lose both. I'm going to bed smiling tonight, and ready to get up in the morning and work my ass out as i no longer feel like a homeless begger. Time to turn the ship around... no more pity party!



So happy for you, darling. A great start to a whole new and better year. I, for one, am glad this is jobs and not men, for you. I\'m hoping that your next relationship is one with a man who knows what it means to be in a relationship and loves you beyond measure!