19 days and counting

Today marks 19 days clean for me. Can't believe I've made it this far. Reading all the discussions on this site has been extremely helpful. One person stated a trigger for them was having cash in their wallet. I can relate. I limit myself to pull out of ATM 40.00 cash per week. I still have 10.00 left over from last week. When I was gambling I never would have any money left. Just gamble till the last dollar was left in my wallet. Kind a funny that the excitement of gambling really wasn't all that exciting. Became an unconscious habit that finally became a sickening thought. I used to get so excited knowing I was going to the casino and taking chances to win. The feeling of leaving was overwhelming and horrible. I would hold in my depression and then as my therapist called it. I would split at the seams. Not taking care of myself. Making bad choices. Now excited for my journey and new path.