Tuesday Evening:  I have had a couple of rough days emotionally but have managed to "pull it off".  We went to Chuckie Cheese's yesterday and it was fun aside from crossing one of the busiest intersections in Springfield.  The other para, Mr. C., and I decided to try a video game driving a go-cart.  Neither of us had ever done that before.  He was really terrible!  Me?!?!?!  I was WORSE.  I kept driving in reverse, running off the road, etc.  I thought Mr. C. was going to wet himself he was laughing so hard.  The kids loved playing the games, too.  The pizza there is terrible!  One of Scott's friends & pallbearer came over tonight to say hello.  I hadn't seen him for several months.  He is a funny guy and we laughed a bit.  I took a couple of pictures which I will post later.  It was good to see him.  I have to get new tires for my van.  The steel is showing through on one of them...not good!  Always something to spend money on.  The money noose is getting tighter and tighter these days.  I guess the universe will give me what I need, somehow.  We had storms, again, today.  Thursday they are predicting some really rough weather. Again. I am so tired of it!  I want to get outside and plant flowers, etc.  Just play in the dirt a while...  I have to plant pototoes even though it is getting a little late for that.  They have gotten so expensive and I use a lot of them.  I have never canned them but I guess it can't be that hard.  I have made my own jams, pickles, & grape juice, so surely I can manage potatoes.  I will plant tomatoes, too.  I love fresh tomatoes!  Think spring and peaceful wishes to everyone.