Friday:  Thank goodness!  Another week over!  The boys were pretty good this week but the first week after any break is tough for all of us.  Next week I will not be in my class very much as I will be helping with achievement testing in another class.  I am sort of looking forward to it, just as a change of pace, but know I will miss "my" boys.  I feel a little better today.  I got about 9 hrs. sleep last night, was awakened only once by the storm, and napped about 30 min. after work today.  I have waves of the emptiness today but not every single moment.   Not doing much this weekend as far as I know.  Tonight is Chris' 1st ball game.  I have been listening on the radio or TV just to hear his part but it's kind of tough on TV due to the announcers.  It is the Springfield Cardinals vs the St. Louis Cardinals.  They haven't played an expo game here in several years.  The tickets sold out in 12 minutes or I would be there. I will get to a game sometime this season.  Wishing everyone whatever peace you can find.