Thurs. Night: I actually, almost, lost my temper today.  The other para in our classroom is very nice but a real ditz & very, very different.  He has never worked with kids before of any kind much less special needs.  So really, ditz isn't nice.  He just doesn't have any experience. But, he is always telling us what a wonderful father is was/is.  In the same breath he will talk about how angry one of his boys is with him.  He also tells us what a great writer he is and yet he was fired from the newspaper.  He is very narcissistic. (sp?) He started in 1st thing this morning about something we are going to try with one of our boys who has more behavioral issues than anything.  As I started asking him questions about what he proposed (even though the teacher had already given him instructions) he got hateful and said he wasn't going to talk to me and have me disagree before he talked to the teacher.  It took me off guard!  I was thinking, "What the Hell?!??!"  I asked him why he was getting so strung out because we always brainstorm things.  He got really hateful then and I just had to walk away and say "Whatever." Of course, that just made him even more...well, whatever he was.  I don't even know why he mentioned anything to me if he didn't want to talk about it.  It just annoyed me.  Our teacher was out today but she had given him instructions to begin working with this boy.  He completely ignored her instructions and did what he usually does.  That, of course, is his problem and will be between him and the teacher.  It is really no big thing because I have waaaay bigger fish in the frying pan.  The problem is he just doesn't understand how close to crazy I really am.  I am a nice person, or at least try to be, but right now I could chew anyone up and spit them out.  It is sort of controlled road rage without the road.  I know many of you understand what I mean.  Now, reading this, I am thinking it isn't all about ME.  But, by golly, it ought to be! (lol)  Seriously, give me a real problem/issue and I will try to help, offer support, and cheer someone on.  Give me stupidity & hatefulness and I just get annoyed!  Tomorrow will be interesting.