Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Went for my 2nd round of EMDR today.  It was hard!  I dreaded going but know I need to.  It is so emotional!  I told my counselor I can't believe I am paying every week to put myself through torture.  After counseling I met my best friend from high school for a burger at Steak & Shake.  We visited a long time.  It is always good to see her.  She has, not once, passed judgement on anything in my life.  We lost touch for about 25 years so it just makes our friendship that much more amazing.  Chris, my oldest, now has this nasty flu that is going around.  I wish he lived with me so I could baby him.  I told him I would be with him brushing his hair back, fixing soup, giving him his meds, taking his temp, even if it was only in thought. He is 28 but still my baby.  He has some big DJ jobs this weekend so he needs to get better.  The kids at school were WIRED today.  Is it a full moon or something?!?!?  Wishes for peace to all of you reading and also those who aren't.