I am so sick of being put in the middle by my bio daughter and her dad, my dh.She wants to go to the grocery store, and for us to give her 28 for her rent.( First month in this apt) He wants to take her to the grocery store and do that this morning, he has dropped gs at preschool and picks him up at 1130AM. She wants gs to come to her house for his nap. DH wants to take GS home to take a nap in his bed, he is 3 years old.She wants to argue about the nap, insisting he take one at her apt. Her apt, where GS doesn’t even have a bed, he just has a toy room. She says he can sleep in her bed. I think she needs to do it DH way, because he’s the one helping her. I think gs will be too excited to be at her house and won’t sleep. He has a runny nose and felt possibly warm this morning, I think it’s not too much to say he needs to sleep in his own bed. My GS likes a schedule, and routine. My DH likes a routine and doesn’t feel the need to argue with biomom all morning about this. Basically, he says if she can’t stop it, he’s not going over there to pick her up. She keeps going on and on about it, says we are unreasonable, she’s done nothing wrong, we are hogging her kids, blah blah ad nauseum. Even if I wanted to, I can’t overrule husband, I’m at work and can’t take her either.Dh solution, he’s going to go drop off the 28 money order for her rent, he doesn’t want to deal with biomom.  I wish those 2 could deal with this without calling me 3 times each , at work. I wish biomom would accept the fact it’s dh says gs is taking a nap at home. Other than the fact dh yelled at her, ”if we can’t do this my way, then row your own #$%^ boat, you don’t need my help”, other than that, I think he is handling this correctly, but it takes a lot to listen to her whining, complaining, crying, arguing crap without telling her to get fried.  If I hear, “He’s my child, I am his mother!” One more time I will scream. I’ve had him 2 years; she has bought him 10 pairs of underwear. ( when his TANF went to her one month)That is the entire extent of her support.  I know I’m supposed to forgive her and work with her, she’s in counseling now, and she is trying to not have hysterical fits. She hasn’t cussed anyone out this week, today either. But it’s hard to ignore history, when she gets stuck on something she has always escalated to screaming, cursing, throwing things.   I have to get winter clothes for my GD, she has one long sleeve shirt, sleepers are too tight. She needs some jumpers, long sleeve shirts, socks, diapers, and possibly shoes to keep her feet warm. GD is congested, with runny nose. I have enough stress without this biodrama.