don't know why, but I'a amazed that she woudn't stay at my house a couple days to help take care of her sick child. She insisted her child go to tinytown and stay with her and her friends, 30 miles from doctors and hospitals, instead of staying 1 mile from doctors and hospitals at my house. She lived with me for 3 months, has only been gone a week, but its too much trouble to take care of her sick baby at my house while I work? I am raising 2 of your kids, for 2 years, you little ingrate, and have been transporting you all over creating to your multiple appointments and you can't saty at my house for 2-3 days while your baby with bronchitis and an ear infection recuperates???????I refused to carry baby up there, and she couldn't get a ride to carry her baby up there. So baby is still with me, but GGGEEEEZ. If she can't ge a ride from my house to there, what makes anyone think she will be able to take baby to doctor? Who just bought tylenol and ibuprophen? Who is buying diapers and food? She actually thinks I should buy her diapers and baby food, and meds, and drive baby up there and abandon her to her mothers care... RIGHT!!!!