I am not having the easiest time waiting for my grades from this semester to come in.  As of tonight they're not in yet.  I realize that when this anxiety passes more will be coming, but something about whether I was able to rally enough after the marathon bombings (there I go again) rendered me a train wreck for a week has me unsure if I'm really okay.
Then there's what will likely follow.  Obviously I'm still on my PT pharmacy job short term (it will be easier to move forward with that still there), but there's just a lot of unanswered questions that go away for a while but always seem to come back in a bad way: how to keep my CEs for pharmacy tech up (easier), which section of law I'd actually want to be a paralegal in if I get a job in that field (eep!), etc.
Sleeping is a little better...once I fall asleep, that is.  Actually falling asleep is still problematic and the med I'm on for it has basically shown itself worthless.  I don't have an appointment for an adjustment until June 13th, which is problematic in this regard because it seems the only time I ever get eight hours now is when I have enough struggle nights in a row that I am totally exhausted.  But it's the best I could get.