Tomorrow is the first of my finals.  If my pattern on responding to messages and the like seems a little bit broken for a few nights, that's the reason why.  I apologize in advance if it takes a little longer than usual for me to get back to you.
That said, my problems with falling asleep are starting to take their toll.  It wasn't a mistake filled day at work, but it also felt like I couldn't get in gear.  I actually wish I could get off of coffee because unless I'm in cuckoo woohoo land too much of it makes me irritable, but today one cup at breakfast and another mug at work wasn't enough.  I can actually already feel myself becoming more...testy, and how it's not showing at work, I really can't explain.
I guess it's coming through my sarcasm instead, because when one of our drivers who's used to me messing with him arrived, I let him know that I'm not giving up on rooting for the horse I had picked (without money riding on him) in the Kentucky Derby for this Saturday's Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore:
"I am betting heavily on Itsmyluckyday...he always wins!  Hahahaha!"
Those who knew me broke down laughing.  I love trying to impersonate Watto's voice from Episode I of the Star Wars movie series (his voice was the only thing I liked about the whole franchise), and they knew that a) I was full of BS because Itsmyluckyday was never in contention at the Derby, and b) I'm only going with the horse because by default he'll finish better than he did in the Derby (the Preakness field is smaller).
I just wish I could sleep eight hours.  But the earliest I could get for a med adjustment is mid-June, and meantime I'm having a lot of problems dealing with my worries.  There just seems to be no easy answers right now. :(



Good luck on your finals, and don\'t worry about responding to messages. I sent a message earlier about an herbal sleep remedy that I have been using that is helpful. Also, the melatonin is OTC, so you don\'t need to wait for an appointment to try it.
Wishing you a restful sleep this evening!