I was hoping to see a counselor early Tuesday morning so I could finally break some of my people issues down and get some review help for my chemistry exam this week, specifically, because I'm really afraid my friend Scared is not going to have enough time to turn the trick when she comes back from the UK.

Hurricane Sandy just saw to it that it won't come off; the campus is closed for day classes tomorrow and I can't reschedule the appointment soon enough to get it straightened out in time for the exam. I'm in tears tonight because it seems like every time I want or need something that will break my walls down something happens to guarantee that the wall only gets reinforced and I am at a point where I can just ill afford that. :'(

I just can't stand it...I just can't. :'(. I need a hug...



Hi Journey,
I came to give you a hug and saw your status was not too good. I am sorry for the emotional pain you are in right now. I just joined DS earlier this year, and I can see the place is full of people who are either in emotional or physical pain. You are not alone. For me, it is physical pain.

As I am sure you know, the first step in solving a problem is recognizing it. Talking to a counselor could help significantly. Once the storm issues subside, I hope you persist in making that happen.

Hang with us on the TV/Movie board. Distraction works wonders.

**big huge gentle hugs**