Today was a long day.  Split decision at best.
The lab session was a disaster...and it was the expected result because I have reached the point where I absolutely cannot work with my current lab group anymore (how can I when everybody just sat there watching me be Mr. Fall Apart last week?), much less anyone else in my section.  When I say I'm alienated, I mean exactly that.  We'll leave it at that (except for you, Scared, to whom I sent a VERY long message).
I was needed at the pharmacy afterwards, my sick colleague is doing better but not well enough to go back just yet.  So I worked on filling prescriptions for five and a half hours until the place closed, figuring that since my training session has been rescheduled for tomorrow they might as well use me until I burn out.
So that's what I did, burn myself's pretty much the only way I can get to sleep through the night these days.  It's tough doing a filling run solo; you have no one to pace you but you don't have to guess who has which stock bottle, thus technically more room.  You weigh those factors out, and I swear it goes smoother when only one person does it (in this case, me).
I managed to finish said filling to save something from what otherwise would have been a total loss.  But it's going to be hard seeing myself finishing any labs from here on in, seeing as how I am effectively now in a "you're letting me do this alone or I'm walking away" mode, I feel that alienated from my section.



You pushed them away in order to cope. The group that you are with, did you get placed with them or did you chose to go with them?
Is there another section that you could transfer to?
Maybe you could go to the labs and put earplugs in, focus on your section of the task and do that independently, stand with the group without having to interact too much, until you feel a little more stable?