Today fell apart very quickly.  Now, in fairness, this was a possibility because the Independence Day (U.S.) holiday does screw things up some.
It's been a rough week at the pharmacy -- (cuckoo) hit the fan a few times, most of it totally out of the collective hands of the place.  I normally don't work on Friday, but this morning at around 9am, an emergency call came in for me.  Could I wrap up the medication vial filling today?
I have to be flexible, so okay, sure.  Considering that pharmacy tech is my B route, I need to do what I can to protect it.  The original thought was that it wouldn't take long, maybe a couple of hours.
That thought disappeared when the fill load doubled during the course of the morning.
It can actually be difficult filling vials solo; you have no one to pace you, and you have to stop from time to time for checks because your workspace can only so hold so much practically speaking, but you do have more room because you don't have to worry about where stock bottles are (doing this same routine yesterday in a group, my brain actually fried out because I lost track of who had what). 
You weigh those factors out, and for me running it solo was actually easier.  Eventually my brain did go poof even though I can count pills in groups of 5, but by the time I had to leave there were only a handful left that were carried over because of stock shortages earlier in the week.
The aggravating part was that my window to work on my paper today disappeared along with the work shift, my brain is effectively gonzo.  I'd have preferred to both work on my final paper and be ready for Tuesday's lecture.  It's pretty clear now that I can take only the former.  For whatever reason class participation only factors in if it's to advantage (!), so that does mitigate the sting a tad, but still...



Get some rest and then start the paper with a clear mind :)

Friend you\'ll be just fine. You had a bit of stress. It\'s just stress, it doesn\'t have to throw everythng off. Do like KP said and get some rest, try to relax, and tackle that paper when your brain isn\'t so me I have to do that a LOT with work lol...will get back to your PM shortly...until then wishing you rest and peace