Today was a little bit better from a productivity standpoint.  I bought the SimplyNoise app for my iPod Touch and it was a big help this morning when I had to read close to 40 pages to get my reading up to date for a take-home exam in my legal research class.  Basically it acts like a white noise machine to block distractions out.
Still not sure what I'm going to do about the math class for certain.  Tonight I tried catching up some more but found enormous difficulties with some of the factoring problems that were in the homework but never covered during the lecture.  I couldn't find any VirtualNerd videos that explained them, so I had to intentionally take some wrong answers to see a walkthrough...which I still really don't get.  I hate harping on it but losing my math tutor a month and a half ago continues to be a liability and it hurts that I've reached the point where searching for a replacement is no longer workable because there's too much going on.  It makes me wish I had never been through what I've been through getting myself to trust people face-to-face could well be an issue for the rest of my life for all that I know.
On a happier note finishing that reading has me in a position where I'm comfortable with position in two courses now, which means I can finally start working on the research paper that I should have started a month ago but got tossed on the back burner when my (expletive) hit the fan for what feels like the fiftieth time this semester alone.



Hey :) awesome that you found something that can help you concentrate! I didn\'t know they had an app for that lol. I do the same thing sometimes when I\'m writing or trying to sleep...I just use the videos on YouTube, sometimes it actually works to slow down my thoughts a bit. Hope things are good with ya :)