My heart dreads weekends like this when there is a lot going it was, for all intents and purposes, torn in two.
There's a lot that needs to be addressed outside over the weekend...weeds to pull, a lawn to mow, a car that needed washing because it had bird stuff all over it, among other things.
It also hasn't been a nice day outside, so my dad gave it up a little before 3pm after we washed his car.  He said I could break off to work on my self-study if I wanted to.
Nice idea...but that didn't happen.  My heart wasn't satisfied.  It's hard to explain, but evidently, deep inside, my heart reached the point during the spring that it absolutely HATED working on course material during the weekend because it felt like some kind of strange incentive to stall.  It only felt better when I burned a complete Sunday making myself useful because that's when a lot of the housework that involves me gets done.
The complicating factor is I'm only on the fourth chapter of my self-study out of fourteen -- I did bring this on myself with my myriad of issues, but to make the goal date I have in mind, I basically have to cover eleven chapters in probably four's unlikely when I'm finally ready for the certification exam that I would get my first choice of time, because I don't drive.
So there is a sense of urgency there.  But I couldn't stop the voices saying that I needed to more outside.  So to shut them up, I weeded for half an hour...but now my brain is basically gonzo from the heat for the day (sigh).
It could be time to accept that I'll have to do the certification/class juggling act whether I want to or not.