Today was better than the week has been up to this point...fewer distractions, fewer problems generally.  I managed to get my errands done early, which was good because later it rained. :(
I finally had a decent day on my self-study actually went smoothly enough that I was able to finish a complete chapter today.  Well, okay, it was shorter compared to the sections I've done so far, but it still counts for something.  3 1/4 hours working on it is more than I'd been able to do the rest of the week combined.
Later, on my way to training, I noticed a car that looked suspiciously like my mother's as I passed a Shaw's supermarket en route.  As it turned out, later, it was mother's.  Apparently activity at the pharmacy was on the light side today, so she was simply let go early.  Occasionally there will be a day like that.