(Warning to those who read this: This entry contains some strong language that I am not radio editing.  If occasional cusses offend you, stop reading here.)
So, I got the results of my summer legal ethics course before I went to work.  I got an A in it.
And I can't help but wonder how the hell I did that.  I mean, I attended all the classes and did all the assignments, but I feel pretty shitty about the emotional price I paid, again.
Sleeping with any consistency was close to impossible because I have no clue how to relax.
I wasn't happy with my research paper...I felt handcuffed by the 5-7 page limit (mine went to 7) and seemed to find ways to blow every opportunity I had to go to an actual library (which would have been so much better for sources).
And I can't even begin to describe the damned panic episode I went through when I fell behind very early and had to scramble for three days to get back to level.
In other words, I can't help but think that I got lucky.  Again.  Just like in the fucking spring when I was absolutely the beneficiary of a lax scoring policy regarding assignments that had to be cut due to those snowstorms (the points for those assignments were simply awarded in full instead of lowering what the max possible result was, which still has me fuming because I got what was in my view a full letter grade for doing nothing.)
(sigh) This is not good...it only gives me about six weeks to tie up intertwined issues that I know can't be resolved overnight.  Six weeks won't be enough.  It's going to be a long fall semester.