I'm having one of those days where my worry journal just can't be for my eyes only.  It just feels like so much is "wrong":
* The moment I woke up this morning my heart gave me a warning shot that I probably won't get through my self-study in one piece without some kind of break plan in place.  But right now, I'm not comfortable with anything.  I don't have a clue how to enjoy.  It's creating a nasty inner conflict that has already brought me to tears once today.
* I'm starting to feel very guilty because I feel I haven't been giving out as much support as I should be (in fact as I'm typing this I had to cut a Meebo chat off because I can feel a quiet pop taking place right now).
* I was looking up ways to get some photos on here and found there's a way I could do so using my Nintendo DSi, which has a camera.  But to do it without an SD card, I'd have to open a Facebook account and import the photos to here that way.  AAAARRRRRRGHHH!  I DON'T WANT A DAMN FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!  I HATE THAT SITE WITH A PASSION!!!!!
(sigh) I'm sorry gang, I seem to have cracked....again....