Apparently, having my "pop" episode over the long weekend hasn't helped me feel any better.
My parents are thinking that it might be a little too stuffy in my room and have suggested I try sleeping on the next floor down.  But I know in my heart that this isn't going to change things much.  Right now, worries about various things -- and most of them aren't class related now -- are running so riot that it really isn't going to matter where I try to sleep.  Put another way, it feels like I'm on the fast track to pop again.
It would be a lot easier if I had ways to unwind at night -- a problem that does keep coming up -- but right now, I'm having trouble forgiving myself for previous self-control issues I've had with hobbies.  I've overdone to such a bad extent so many times that I feel I have no reason to think it won't happen again.
This has been talked about before...a bunch of times, and even live with some people.  But my fears are just running that deep.