I notice I have hugs and messages too...promise I'll return for those tonight, everyone.
Yesterday was a day I wanted back.
My sister runs the music program -- a very fledgling one, just a couple of years old -- at a technical high school.  She was having a small concert of her chorus and a small concert band last night and wanted me to come.
This was pretty important to her, so I couldn't find it in me to say no.  I wish I had.  Not because of her, though.  It was because I only had four hours of sleep the previous night (my eyes popped open at 1:30 am and that was the name of that tune).  Generally I haven't slept well for the past two weeks...it seems I only succeed when I'm exhausted.
I gamely went to her concert anyway, even though I had to work six hours to help cover at work for a colleague who is out in Arizona on holiday (okay, so it's vacation to most of you).  I tried taking a nap on the 40-minute drive down (and again back), but it wasn't anywhere near enough.  During the 35-minute performance I could feel my eyes glaze over several times.
That was a shame, because for such a young program, it was actually a pretty decent show.  I just wish I had the attention span to enjoy it more.  When I got home I crashed immediately...good because I finally slept, bad because the only two times I've slept well in the last two weeks I've been exhausted.
I should throw this out there too -- I got A, A-, and B on my first semester courses.  These are good results...but I'm still not happy with myself.  I really don't want to talk about that in the open right now...if you must know, please ask me privately.