It's been quite a long time since I've written anything.I have moved in with my mom.It's going well.We get along and it saves me money.It's been a little stressful at times because mom is starting to need more help because of her health.I don't mind that.She's been in the hospital 3 times this month because of the same issue.I have a sister who doesn't even bother to come down here to see how mom is and that makes me angry.It really does.I don't mind taking care of mom because she needs me and I know she would do the same for me because she's done so in the past.Mom and I are very close.I love her a lot.



Dear joybells....

good to hear an update from I remember you were in the process of moving in with your mom when I last heard.

I am glad to hear the arrangement works well for you but sorry she has such health issues....

As far as siblings/from what i can determine from being in DS, there are a few families that seem to pull together in a good direction when there is illness and trouble and difficulty, BUT OFTEN there are those who run the other way and then some who are willing to be involved seem to not be able to work out compromises and insist on things their truly is just so hard and makes a difficulty even harder.....

You feelings of anger seem to be what most feel. I know I am very angry with my in-laws who seem to not want to be bothered much with our difficulties....

Does your mom qualify for any help from the Senior agency in your area?

Nice to hear from you...good luck!

Good to see you happy. Thanks for the update!