I am mad.Some guy on another site added me as a friend and then got mad because I was in the middle of something and coudn't respond right away.When I did he had already deleted me as a friend which is a good thing because he's a jerk.What I am mad about is that he triggered memories of my abusive first husband that I would rather not think about.In those few words that that jerk said I could tell just what kind of person he is and I don't need that and don't want it.I have met someone anyway but there's no reason why a man and a woman can't be just friends if they want to.It's not my fault that that guy can't read.I specifically say in my profile on the other site that I am not looking for a man to date.I say that I am just on the site for friends only.The guy has a hair style that is stuck in the 70s anyway.LOL!!!!