I had trouble sleeping last night.I have had a rough start to the week.Over the weekend we had 11 inches of snow.I wrecked my car when I hit a patch of ice on the way home from picking my daughter up from school on friday.Luckily my car only got a dent in the front bumper and a flat tire.I wasdn't able to get my daughter to school this morning because of that.I was up all night woorying about how I was going to get my tire fixed with no money to do it with.The reason for that is I'm still getting settled into my new apartmnet and we all know that takes money.I am feeling the affects from wrecking my car on friday.I was only traveling at 15 miles an hour at the time of my accident because of the horrible road conditions and that helped a lot.I didn't hit another car and that's also a plus.I think I hurt my back though.I'm not sure.I haven't been to the doctor yet.I feel bad.