This pollen in the air is driving my sinuses crazy.  It is covering everything!  Anyway, I say that as I sniffle and try to blow my nose while I type this.  Despite the allergies and 90 degree weather we had today, I went shopping with my friend D.  We really didnt buy much of anything but it was good to get out of the house again which I'm doing alot more of lately. 
Me and D have been friends for 17 years so we know each other well.  She was working some outages in FL, but has come home for at least a while while her hubby is still in FL working.  She gets depressed too just staying around her house alot so this has been good for both of us.
It is really hard to tell if Im stable or a bit hypomanic.  Since I've got more energy and am into alot more stuff.  Whichever it be I'm going to enjoy this spurt of energy and hope that its the meds doing their thing inside this wonderful brain that I have.  May the little happy receptors have their day in the sun as I did today because for March it is deftinetly hot.  It will be a hot summer in GA if its already hitting 90 today.  Time for a tan, because I am ghostly pale.  Its 2am and i can't sleep, my sinuses are draining down my throat and its keeping me from getting comfortable.  Besides, I had it in my mind to come write in this journal because I rarely have anything to write.
Still excited about my upcoming trip and woohoo my husband bought me an early anniversary gift...a mandolin I've been wanting.   this is perfect gift for me because I am musically inclined.  I've played piano, flute, guitar, violin, and mandolin.  I love string instruments, can't you tell (with exception to flute)?  Anyway, i don't have a mandolin, and it has the same strings as the violin except it has a different sound of course, frets, and some other hidden gems of sound.  Well, I have rambled on, but I feel good for 2am. :)